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    • savageafmk

      Hello, both of these items are listed in the database.
      For Spinner’s, there are two items:
      Spinner’s Necklace, Blue
      Spinner’s Necklace, Purple

      For Briarheart there are three items:
      Briarheart Necklace, Blue
      Briarheart Necklace, Gold
      Briarheart Necklace, Purple

    • savageafmk

      Hi, we’re having some issues with the search option at the moment and are working on resolving it. In the meantime, I recommend viewing the Provisioning Recipes list linked.

  1. Beth

    I’m looking for a good price for Dwarven Sconce, Framework. The furnishing not the recipe. Its not coming up in the search or listed under furnishings. Is there anywhere I could find a good price?

    • savageafmk

      Hi Beth. That’s quite a unique piece you have there! The last sale recorded for that item was way back in March of this year. I can’t suggest a price due to the lack of data, but I can tell you what I would do.
      When it comes to rare furnishing items, I usually check the housing editor and price it based on the crown to gold ratio, then knock off 20%. Sounds complicated, huh? This item sells for 110 crowns, which would equate to 11000 gold. Take off 20% and I’d list it for 8,800 gold.

  2. Poppy Actually

    Looking for some help here please.
    My wife opened a master writ calling for Motif 89: Ancestral High Elf Greatsword, which neither of us have, and cannot find anywhere in game. Does it exist anywhere in your database ? Or do you happen to know where it drops ?
    Any clues are very much appreciated.

    Poppy Actually is the gamertag

    • savageafmk

      What you’re looking for would be Ancestral High Elf Swords. These motifs are antiquities that drop from zone treasure chests and you would find it in the database under Motifs. Swords motifs cover both 1 handed and 2 handed weapons. The same applies to maces and axes.

    • savageafmk

      Hi, I rarely come across nirnhoned items. If there is one, it would be in the Sets category, listed as Exemplary Nirnhoned (item type). You should be able to get a shield to research fairly cheap, since it uses a Fortified Nirncrux (check Trait Mats). Weapons, on the other hand, usually run 20-25k. If you’re on Xbox NA, send me your GT and I’ll mail you a shield free of charge.

    • savageafmk

      Hi! We’ve been working on the overall structure of the database this past week and we’ve had a hang up here and there. We’re looking into this and will have it resolved as soon as possible!

  3. Georgia

    I’m looking for the runebox sixth house robe costume price. I see all of the 7 fragments individually priced but not how much the whole runebox is itself. Does anyone know about how much the runebox sixth robe house costume costs?

    • savageafmk

      Hi! Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever come across one in a trader’s sales history. My best suggestion is to look around at different traders and see if you can find one.

      • NotoriousClimax

        I have one that i recently made. Im currently accepting reasonable offers. Feel free to message me @ NotoriousClimax (im on NA XBox) talk to you soon!

      • NotoriousClimax

        I have one that i recently made. Im currently accepting reasonable offers. Feel free to message me @ NotoriousClimax (im on NA XBox) talk to you soon! Sry i think i replied to the wrong comment.

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