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Discord Bot Help & FAQ

How To Use The Bot

An item search is completed by typing a bot command followed by the item name as it appears in game. Exceptions regarding item name formats are listed below.

For your convenience, we have programmed several commands that prompt the bot to search the database and reply:


!price check
@price check
/price check
\price check
$price check
-price check

Once a command query is entered, the bot will return a message displaying the item name, type and list of prices, along with a link to the website.

If more than one item is listed, there are multiple items in the database with similar wording.

If the item you are looking for is not listed, you may need to narrow down your search by using more words, especially when searching for equipment items.

bot search

If the item does not exist in the database, the bot message will say “Unable to find…”.

You may also get this message if there is a misspelling in your query.

Item Name Exceptions

Item Name Exceptions

  • Do not include quotation marks in item names (i.e. Cadwell’s Staff instead of Cadwell’s “Staff”)
  • Equipment items are listed as set name followed by the item type, regardless of how it appears in game (i.e. Mother’s Sorrow Breeches instead Breeches of Mother’s Sorrow)
  • Named set items are changed to the set name and item type (i.e. Argonian Muck Minder of Mother’s Sorrow would be changed to Mother’s Sorrow Lightning Staff)
  • Alternate names for jewelry, like Collar and Band, are changed to Necklace or Ring, based on the item type.
  • Style and Motif pages do not include any text that appears before the colon (i.e. look for Dremora Daggers instead of Crafting Motif 63: Dremora Daggers)
  • All zone treasure maps are consolidated as Treasure Map
  • All Psijic Ambrosia fragments are consolidated as Psijic Ambrosia Fragment

Items Not Available in the Database

  • Sealed Master Writs
  • Crafted or non-set equipment
  • Intricate items
  • Green jewelry

Checking Database Status

The !status command will return the current status of the sales database (not to be confused with the current status of the bot itself). Here’s what you can expect to see:

  • Status: current status of the database
  • Administrator: My gamer tag
  • Last Updated: date of last update; this does not include when data was entered, only when a change was made to the database as a whole
  • Update Type: what type of update it was
  • Unique Items: total number of unique items
  • Sales Recorded: total number of sales
  • Alchemy: total number of alchemy related sales
  • Enchanting: total number of glyph and runestone sales
  • Furnishing: total number of furnishing related sales, including items, recipes and mats
  • Gear Crafting: total number of gear crafting related sales, including style and trait mats
  • Motifs & Styles: total number of motif and style page sales
  • Provisioning: total number of provisioning mat an recipe sales
  • Set Items: total number of set item sales
  • Other: total number of miscellaneous sales, including runeboxes, siege equipment, raw fish, treasure maps, etc.

If you have any issues utilizing the bot, head over to the Contact page and let us know!