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This site provides an in depth look at guild trader sales for the Xbox North American server.

Ways to access the Item Database:

  • Visit the Item Database page to search by item name or browse by category

  • Use the price bot on our Discord server (visit the welcome page for info)

  • Add our price bot to your own Discord server (once added, enter !help for more info)

  • Access the mobile app in your web browser (push notifications regarding app status may be received)

  • Download the app on Android or iOS using AppSheet (push notifications regarding app status may be received)

Here at ESO Xbox Sales, we offer a variety of information related to the in game guild trader market. All information provided is hard data taken directly from in game sources:

  • The Item Lists data is pulled from the sales history of multiple in game guilds. This information is very useful because it shows you what people are buying and how much they are paying for it. 
  • Current Trader Locations are pulled from either the Guild Finder or by manually visiting each trader.
  • The Guild Info list shows all guilds that have hired a trader in the past 6 months (rolling) and details are provided by someone in that guild. If you would like to update your guild’s info, please contact us.

We keep historical records of all data pulled, however we value the privacy of our contributing guilds and the integrity of the trading market as a whole. Here are a few things we do not provide or disclose:

  • We do not pull sales data from current listings, zone chat, auctions or 3rd party sources (Band, Discord, etc.). There is zero human influence on any sales data provided.
  • We do not share sales data in conjunction with a specific guild, meaning you can’t see a list of sales from only one guild.
  • We do not provide nor do we collect information related to the in game gold cost of hiring traders. If you have the moxie to ask a GM how much they spent on their trader, go for it!

The website and mobile app are updated simultaneously from the same database. For a thorough explanation of how this database works, please refer to the About Page

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